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SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS: International Modern-Healthy Martial Arts Forms- New Ring Sport with the Takedown,Modern Combat Sport,Self-Defense System

S-1© SPORT NO. 1


Idea began from Mr. Nobakht Ahad in 1996 and started with promoting and organize amateur Sport SANDA in Sweden with name SWEDISH OPEN SANDA CHAMPIONSHIPS and EUROPEN OPEN SANDA CHAMPIONSIHPS

and is a Sport SANDA platform with different Martial Arts.

On May 2010, S-1© Limited a company acquired the rights to S-1©, and is the current organizer of S-1© SPORT SANDA events worldwide.


Name S-1©


The letter S in S-1© is officially designated as a representation of words SPORT SANDA. Nevertheless,some reports suggest that it represents the initial S found in competing disciplines.Another theory claims that the S-1© name comes from kakutougi and the "1" component pertains to the single weight division (in earlier amateur competition)


Swedish Sports- Organisations and Sport No. 1

Swedish Open Sport Sanda Championships No.1

Best of the SPORT SANDA like Sports and No. 1

Swedish Sport Sanda Fighter No.1





S-1© was founded by Mr.Nobakht Ahad the former International coach and referee.

Thought with S-1© was approved for marketing and service for Sport Sanda in Europe and around the World.With entosiasm and strong interest and great cooperation with other combat sports in Sweden and Europe and Asian Mr.Nobakht Ahad organized in many years Europe's largest competition in transmit.SWEDISH OPEN SANDA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EUROPEAN OPEN SANDA CHAMPIONSHIPS Mr.Nobakht wanted to send becoming more intersting and expand student at competitions around Europe and World.

Great Cooperation with other Martial Arts give a good performance of the S-1©.


Who can compete in S-1©

Members of International Sport Sanda Martial Arts Federation,

All winners from Amature Sanda and members of International Sport Sanda Federation,

Become candidates for S-1©

All S-1© Fighters need provide the WADA test.



S-1© organizer is International Sport Sanda Martial Arts Federation and S-1©