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SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS: International Modern-Healthy Martial Arts Forms- New Ring Sport with the Takedown,Modern Combat Sport,Self-Defense System

Hello Dear


I am truly honored to have this great opportunity,on behalf of the INTERNATIONAL SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION.© to express my sincere gratitude and thank all those friends who have supported and joined as members of the INTERNATIONAL SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION.S-1©

I would especially like to thanks my beloved colleagues and our esteemed fighters and promoters for their trust and support, without your trust and support,our work is worthless and our vision and mission would not be successful.

As INTERNATIONAL SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION.S-1© President,my goal is to create a sustainable competitive advantage to provide more opportunities for the best and brightest fighter to help their dreams come true as well as achieve our common goal.Therefore,we are striving to improve our self-image and value to become the most popular and highly reliable organization through integrity,honesty,equity,fairness and hard work.And to implement our own fair, scientific,accurate,objective,independent and unbiased computerized rankings system for the rankings of SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS-S-1© and to establish uniform safety measures and uniform procedures for the protection of SPORT SANDA fighter as well as the conduct of championship matches.

Further,we are looking for better opportunities for cooperation to start-up the S-1© tournament series, instead of just having routine SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS matches, in order to protect the interests of INTERNATIONAL SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION.S-1© ranked best male and female SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS fighter and to bring more fresh atmosphere into the sport of Sport Sanda Martial Arts.

We are fully aware that fulfill this vision and goals,it is not only calls for greater wisdom, stronger belief, more active attitude,more practical ideas and more diligent efforts,but also need to get strongly supports and trust from you.

However,we are looking forward to reach a deeper and ever-strengthening relationship with the Other Martial Arts National Federations,Ring Officials, Fighters, Promoters, Managers and Journalists all over the world,we sincerely hope to build an everlasting friendship and strongly trust to create a lot of fair opportunities for each other and the SPORT SANDA MARTIAL ARTS in the future.

Im looking forward to hearing from you!


Mr.Nobakht Ahad

7th Degree Balck Belt Kung Fu

5th Degree Black Belt Kickboxing

Chairman & Founder